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We are seeking candidates with strong interest in method development within density functional theory; especially, theory of excited states and strongly correlated molecular systems.The positions will involve working with an enthusiastic team focusing on development and implementation of novel computational methodologies within ensemble density functional theory and mixed-reference spin-flip TDDFT; for more info, have a look at The project team develops, tests, and applies new methods to treat excited state dynamics, strong electron correlation in molecules and solids. The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. degree in Quantum Chemistry or related discipline. Important background includes expert programming skills and analytical abilities. Collaborative skills are necessary as well as a high level of independence. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background. It is a priority that the successful candidate has a personality supporting positive team work. Qualified applicants should email an expression of interest, including CV, list of publication, a letter of motivation, and names of two referees (all in one pdf file) to Cheol Ho Choi ( and Michael Filatov ( The applications will be considered as they appear until the position is filled. Working in South Korea offers opportunities for a good work-life balance. English is widely spoken, though Korean is the main language off the campus.

Our researches

Conical Intersections in Organic Molecules: Benchmarking Mixed-Reference Spin–Flip Time-Dependent DFT (MRSF-TD-DFT) vs Spin–Flip TD-DFT

Seunghoon Lee, Svetlana Shostak, Michael Filatov*Cheol Ho Choi*

Design of singlet fission chromophores with cyclic (alkyl)(amino) carbene building blocks

Achini Japahuge1, Seunghoon Lee2, Cheol Ho Choi3,Tao Zeng1