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About Us

Welcome to these home page of Theoretical Chemistry laboratory, Chemistry Department at Kyungpook National University. This page will provide you information about our staff, students and our research publications. In our laboratory, we are committed to spearhead teaching and research in chemistry using computational chemistry techniques, especially computational description of a photochemical organic reaction co-ordinate, from energy absorption to photoproduct formation using General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System (GAMESS), a computer software for computational chemistry program. In this lab, we are applying quantum chemistry techniques to photochemical problems and trying to understand ubiquitous pathways in photochemical reactions.

Group Members

  • Cheol Ho Choi

  • Michael Philatov

    Research professor
  • Yevhen Horbatenko

    Research professor

    PhD student

    PhD Student
  • Svetlana Shostak

    Master student
  • Rakhmat sultonov

    master student
  • Kahinga kamau

    master student
  • Woojin park

    undergraduate student